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Company Incorporation Services:
Starting a business in Singapore

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Have no idea where and how to start and set up your company or business in Singapore? At Atriox, we have the experienced team to walk you through your business incorporation process.


Our professionals will also ensure your business undergoes the setup, registration, and incorporation phases to comply with Singapore's legal and regulatory standards. We will also carry out the process as smoothly as possible so that you may focus on running your business, which will only take 3 hours, depending on the complexity and also subject to approval by Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).


Here's a simple guide for you to understand key information on company incorporation.


Requirements To Register a Local Company

Company incorporation is a legal process to set up your business or company in Singapore. Both locals (Singaporeans & PRs) and foreigners above 18 can form a Singapore company.
Below are the requirements to set up a Singapore company:

  1. NRIC (Singaporeans & PRs) or Copy of Passport (foreigners)

  2. Proof of address (e.g. Most recent phone bill, utility bill etc)

  3. Above Age 18

  4. Minimum paid-up capital of $1

  5. At least one shareholder

  6. At least one local or resident director

  7. At least one company secretary

  8. Registered Office Address

Why Incorporate Your Business Early?

You should incorporate your business as soon as possible after you have decided on the type of business structure for your company. Here are the benefits of incorporating your business early:

1. Secure Company Name

Book and secure your ideal name for your company. Once incorporated, you may register your business name as a trademark too!

2. Intellectual Property Ownership

This is to avoid future issues over the asset or intellectual property ownership with former employers or colleagues. They may even file a lawsuit against you.

3. Equity Ownership

As your business grows, more parties will be involved later on in your incorporation and dilute the equity stake of your company. Hence, is it recommended to incorporate early to establish a larger equity stake for yourself.

4. Legal Agreements

Legal agreements such as a commercial lease for office space can only proceed after a business entity is legally & officially formed.

5. Funding

Capital is important to the growth of the business, and funding is a crucial journey for most new business owners.
Investors will only be investing funds in an incorporated business. The same goes for Singapore banks that offer SME financing services and will only be willing to lend to an incorporated business.

Basic Procedure to Set Up a Singapore Company

1. Apply the company’s name

Kindly provide a list of 3-5 names to us and we will check for availability through BizFile+ portal. We recommend choosing a unique name that represents your business.

2. Get approved by ACRA

Once approved, the company name will be reserved for 60 days and can be extended by another 60 days by applying to ACRA.
The company name will be rejected by ACRA if the proposed name has:

  • Violate copyrights or trademarks

  • Contain any vulgar or obscene words

3. Prepare the required information and document

There is a list of information and documents required when applying for your business incorporation.
We will assist you in retrieving the following information and documents required:

  1. Approved Company name

  2. Description of business activities

  3. Registered local address

  4. Particulars of shareholders, directors, company secretary

  5. Foreign Individuals: a copy of passport & proof of residential address (overseas)
    Singapore Residents: A copy of their Singapore identity card

4. Submit an application to ACRA

We will then submit the required documents online to ACRA.

Understand multiple types of business entity options available in Singapore and choose right one for your business.

Dive deeper into the key information
on each business structures

You need to decide which is the best business structure for your company if you plan to incorporate your business in Singapore. The choice of your business structure for your company will affect your taxes, personal liabilities, brand image, credit, and the potential to explore your business idea fully. It also has the potential to derail your breakthrough strategy and business sustainability. You can start with weighing the pros and cons of each business structure based on your business/company’s needs and future directions. 

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Considering converting your business to a private limited company?

At Atriox Management, we make the process hassle-free.

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