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Company GST Services
(Singapore Goods and Services Tax)

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Atriox Offers GST Registration, GST Computation/Filing and GST Advisory Service.

Who need to register for GST?

Goods and Service Tax (GST), similar to the Value Added Tax (VAT) in many countries, is a consumption tax on most domestic goods and services. Singapore’s GST is currently at 7%.

Supplier of goods and/or services is required to register with Comptroller of GST if: 

  • Annual revenue exceeds or is likely to exceed S$1 million

A supplier, whose revenue does not exceed S$1 million may voluntarily register with the Comptroller if it is beneficial to the business. The approval of such registrations is at the discretion of the Comptroller. 

Once voluntarily registered, the supplier must comply with the regulatory requirements and stay registered for a minimum of 2 years.


What GST Services do we provide?

Atriox helps keep companies compliant with Singapore GST regulation compliance, laws and tax filing services. Our GST services include:

  • GST Registration

  • GST Computation and Filing

  • GST Advisory


The potential penalties are as follows:

  1. GST Returns are not submitted by due date (i.e. 1 month after end of prescribed accounting period)

    • Penalty of SGD200 will be imposed for each month that GST return continued not to be submitted, up to a sum of SGD10,000

  2. GST Payment not made by due date

    • Penalty of 5% of th unpaid tax will be levied

    • If payment is still unpaid after 60 days, additional penalty of 2% on the GST unpaid will be added from the first day after the due date

    • Penalty will ne added for each complete month, subject to the maximum of 50% of the unpaid tax

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Let us help you with GST filing needs.  

Atriox ensures that you will have peace of mind to know that you will not miss your deadlines on filing your GST returns.