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Corporate Services for Businesses in Singapore

Discover the wide range of corporate services aimed to create synergistic values for your businesses

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What Are Corporate Services?

Corporate services encompass various segments within a corporation that are necessary to ensure an effective and efficient business operation. It covers several corporate segments, including administrative functions, human resources, finance and accounting, legal services, or compliance and communication.

Business Services
Corporate Secretarial

Outsourcing Business Services

Corporate service can be outsourced to a professional corporate service provider. Not only will it helps improve business efficiency, but it also allows the business to receive external professional guidance and assistance.

Here at Atriox Management, we provide integrated one-stop services to help businesses get started. We are pleased to offer a wide range of services, including company incorporation, corporate secretarial services, and office address registration for local Singaporeans and foreigners.

Incorporation services in Singapore by Atriox

There are a few legal procedures involving multiple paperwork and documentation that a business must fulfil before it can legally operate in Singapore. The company incorporation process is overseen by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and they also charge fees for company registration. Incorporating a company offers several benefits, as it simplifies many processes. For example, legal agreements can only proceed after a company is registered, making the incorporation process crucial for businesses.

In general, Singapore companies would hire a company secretary to oversee the administrative tasks and responsibilities to ensure the company complies to the regulatory requirements. Appointing a company secretary is also a mandatory process after incorporating a company.

Outsourcing corporate secretarial duties to an external corporate service provider is common as it is cost-saving. Besides, having an experienced and qualified corporate secretary ensures a high work standard, ultimately improving efficiency.

ACRA requires every business in Singapore to have a registered office address during the incorporation process. The address is crucial as it will be the delivery address for any official documents to the company or its shareholders.

Atriox provides a registered office address service as part of our corporate services. The address we provide is unique to each business and can be used for company registration purposes. Additionally, we offer assistance with receiving mail and parcels, self-collection of mail and parcels, and mail storage as part of our registered office address service.

Services for foreigners in Singapore by Atriox


Compared to Singapore residents, foreigners face more requirements and complex procedures when running a business in Singapore. Apart from the differences in the incorporation process, they must also appoint a Nominee Director and company secretary to register a company and apply for an Employment Pass. Additionally, finding a physical address for company registration can be a challenge.

At Atriox, we understand the challenges foreigners face and offer a comprehensive corporate services package to assist with the necessary processes. Our package includes company incorporation, corporate secretary services, registered office address services, finance and legal services, and more. Our team of qualified professional service provider in Singapore is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support to help foreigners succeed in Singapore's business landscape.

Registered Office
Services - Foreigners

At Atriox, we understand that running a business can be time-consuming, which is why we offer a range of corporate services to help you focus on what truly matters - growing your business! By outsourcing your accounting and tax functions to corporate service providers in Singapore, you can enjoy lower fixed costs and avoid paying huge fees for accounting software.


Our team of qualified and experienced accountants will ensure that your financial data is kept accurate and confidential, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business. Let us help you streamline your operations so that you can achieve your business goals with ease.

Accounting and Tax

Accounting is required for all businesses as mandated under Singapore Companies Act and Income Tax Act. This includes bookkeeping, unaudited financial statement preparation, and audit and assurance.

As the company grows, the business operations and financial status will get complicated and expansive. Outsourcing accounting duties to corporate service providers is usually beneficial as it saves time and cost while receiving high-quality work from a team of certified experts.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a consumption tax on most domestic goods and services. Companies in Singapore can register for GST voluntarily if their revenue does not exceed S$1 million and it is compulsory for companies with revenue over S$1 million. Corporate service providers offer outsourced GST services, including the registration process, GST computation and filing, and advisory.

Tax services in Singapore by Atriox

All Singapore companies must file corporate tax returns annually as mandated by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). IRAS will take action if a company fails to file tax returns.

Outsourcing the tax filing duties to corporate service providers is common, especially for a company that does not hire an in-house accountant. Outsourced tax services usually cover the full scope, including:

  • Tax computation

  • Preparation of Form C, Form B, or Form P and the respective form submission

  • Preparation of the director's report

  • Payments and refunds process of corporate tax

  • Submission of Estimated Chargeable Income.


Engage with a corporate service provider to help with your business CPF submission, staff salary, IR8A, and foreign staff employment matter compliance. With Atriox, your business can expect payroll experts to handle this with high confidentiality.

Outsourcing Payroll Services

Payroll is the process of preparing payment of salary to employees. It can be very complicated since the payment includes various components such as overtime pay, bonuses, allowances, medical benefits, and more. It also includes tax deductions, social security contributions, etc. Hence, outsourcing payroll job scope can be beneficial to a business, helping them save time and costs.

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a mandatory social security contributions scheme funded by employers and employees to serve the needs of retirement, housing, and healthcare. Employers are responsible for the CPF contribution to their employees as part of the payroll responsibilities.

CPF Submission

Atriox started as a corporate service provider in Singapore which specialises in Corporate Secretarial, Accounting and Taxation services. Engage with Atriox today to help your business to reduce costs on non-core processes. Atriox BPO support in the following:

  1. Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

  2. Administrative Outsourcing

  3. HR & Payroll

  4. Contract Accountants

  5. Contract Staff

Brand Design

Having a clear corporate branding allows a business to define its personality, characteristics, values, and purpose. In return, customers would prefer your product or service over other competitors because they admire your purpose, believe in your cause and share similar values. Corporate branding is crucial to every business, no matter its size and shape.

Outsourcing your corporate branding to a corporate service provider maximises your chance of having a good and unique brand identity. Look no further as Atriox will enable your business to achieve a good brand identity.

Outsourcing Corporate Branding

Brand Design

Brand design is essential for a company because it is a visual representation of a company's identity and values. Having a good brand design will create a strong impression on the audience, helping to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Outsourcing corporate branding means having a team of experts working on establishing consistent and recognizable branding from the visual perspective, including logo, typography, and colour scheme.


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Brand Design


Graphic / Web Design

In this modern era, it is common for a company to have its own website and social media presence to communicate and offer its products to consumers. Hence, having a good graphic or web design is crucial to enhance user experience and help increase engagement and conversion rates from the website.

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Graphic / Web Design
Web Design

Why Choose Atriox?

Atriox Management is a one-stop corporate service provider in Singapore and has been providing businesses of all sizes from corporates to SMEs end-to-end services for all compliance needs since 2017. A proud member of the Chartered Accountants Worldwide and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), we at Atriox have the expertise to offer the best solution for all your business concerns and needs.

Accelerate your business today with tailored advisory from our highly experienced in-house professionals recognised by the Chartered Accountants of Singapore, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals (SCTP).


  1. What Does It Mean By Outsourcing Corporate Services?
    Outsourcing corporate services means a business engages a corporate service provider to assist with their corporate filings with ACRA. A corporate service provider offers services such as incorporation services, company secretary services, payroll services, and accounting and tax services.

  2. Why Should A Business Engage A Corporate Service Provider in Singapore?
    Engaging with a corporate service provider allows businesses to focus on their core business activities, achieve cost efficiency and obtain professional services from industry experts.

Have any business concerns?

Atriox's experienced consultants can help you with tailored solutions for your business. Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation now.

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